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Intro: Psalm 1 was a great entrance to the psalms: choose which way you will go: blessing or wickedness. Psalm 2 is a great affirmation of God’s kingdom and rule. Psalm 3: the trouble begins and continues for those who have chosen to be God’s people


Psalm 3

David was fleeing from his son Absalom. The reason: part of God’s judgement on his Bathsheba/Uriah fiasco. But from another angle, we must remember, and Absalom didn’t, that David was God’s chosen king.


  • v1: David is describing his parlous situation. What is it?

Chased by many enemies. They taunt him not so much that God cannot save him, but that God does not want to save him.

  • So what does David do first (v1)?

Turns to the Lord and describes his terrible situation.

  • v3: What does he say about God?

Protects, restores. Pharaoh lifted up the head of his cupbearer – restored him to office. (Gen 40.13, 20,21). God will restore David to his kingship.

  • v3: King David’s glory is shot to pieces as he is like a criminal on the run. What does he say about his glory?
  • v4: what does this verse tell us about God? (to David, the holy mountain is Zion (a hill just south of Jerusalem), where he was enthroned. He has been chased away but God is still there and answers him.)
  • v5: What is David’s attitude here? David is so confident in God’s favour and power that he has a good sleep.
  • v6: notice the tenses in vv5,6. What does that say about David now? God’s power makes tens of thousands of enemies irrelevant. God sustains him on into the future. He won’t worry about the future.


David does not have peace yet because he is still being pursued by enemies who want to kill him; but he has internal peace in the midst of trouble, and he believes it will be an enduring peace.



  • v7,8: David is now asking God to save him. Is David vindictive? Note he is realistically pointing out that in order for the kingdom to be restored to him, God will have to deal with his enemies who will have to be killed most likely. Note that he leaves the vengeance to God.



  • v8: who is David praying for now? All God’s people need his deliverance.


Application: when trouble comes, what to do. Remind yourself of God’s character and his relationship to his people.


Puzzle: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9, + or concatenate to make total of 144.


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